Shenron Dragon Designed by J Kent Martin | Black – Short

SKU: 11705

The gold-finished Haku and black-finished Shenron Dragon Sculpture celebrate the rich tradition of Chinoiserie dragons while infusing a modern twist. Crafted from iron sheet, these sculpture symbolize strength, power, and good fortune. The modern twist is seen in their adaptability: they can be used in either a left or right-facing orientation. This feature allows placement customization, adding versatility and a sense of freedom. The year 2024, being the Year of the Dragon, enhances the cultural significance of the Haku and Shenron Dragon Sculpture, aligning the collection with the profound and auspicious symbolism of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac.

  • Dimensions:
  • L 5 X W 4 X H 19

  • Qty Available:
  • 51

  • Retail Price:
  • $197.50

  • Weight:
  • 0.0 lbs

  • Finish:
  • Black

  • Materials:
  • Acrylic | Iron

  • Product Attributes:
  • Can be used left or right facing.

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